What is LANAP?

LANAP, Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, uses a laser to perform periodontal surgery. Traditional gum surgery used only scalpels to remove infection and decrease pocket depth. Some healthy tissue is lost during this process. The LANAP laser removes the infection from beneath the gum line without the loss of healthy gum tissue. Drs. Howard and Howard are pleased to provide LANAP laser treatment in Encino, California, to ensure you receive the best possible treatment.

LANAP is a regenerative procedure. It does not reduce tissue and actually regenerates bone. The LANAP laser recognizes pigments, only destroying bacteria and infected gum tissue as these are darker than healthy gums. The LANAP procedure helps form connective tissue and bone between the teeth and gums, helping to reduce the chance of the infection returning.

During treatment, our dentists may use anesthesia to numb your mouth. The LANAP laser is inserted between your teeth and gums to remove bacteria and infected tissue. The LANAP laser, about three hairs thick, is designed to fit easily between your gums and teeth. After the area is clean, the heat of the laser seals the gums to form a blood clot, blocking bacteria from reentering the area.

Do I need LANAP?

LANAP is used on patients who have periodontitis, or advanced gum disease. The following are signs of gum disease:

  • Gums that bleed easily
  • Red, tender, or swollen gums
  • Receding gums
  • Persistent bad breath or bad taste in the mouth
  • Loosening or separating permanent teeth
  • Change in your bite

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