hydrim-l110w-g4-side-open-2014Our team here at The Dental Office of Encino does everything it can to make sure our patients are taken care of and they trust us to do so.

We use a HYDRIM Scican in Encino, California, to ensure that each instrument in the office is perfectly clean and sterilized. There are many perks to this cleaning machine, and we are happy to use it to keep our patients in good hands. These benefits include:

  • The usage of a chemical that cleans specifically for dental procedures
  • The consistency in each cycle, giving every instrument the right amount of wash
  • The usage of fresh water and chemicals in each load
  • The washing of small and large instruments
  • The elimination of risks associated with washing the instruments by hand

Plus much more!

Our dentists, Drs. Howard and Howard, use this equipment to make sure your visit is risk-free and clean. At our office, we do all we can to protect your health, and you can rest assured that your visit will be safe and comfortable. If you have any questions about the HYDRIM Scican system, we welcome you to call our office today. Our knowledgeable team will be glad to answer any questions you might have!