What is advanced dental technology?

At The Dental Office of Encino, we employ the use of state-of-the-art dental technology. We are committed to giving you the best treatment possible, and that means using the best equipment available. Many advances have been made recently in the dental industry. Drs. Howard and Howard strive to stay abreast with these advances. Using more advanced equipment allows our dentists to be more efficient and precise. We are proud to use advanced dental technology in Encino, California, to enhance your experience at our practice.

How does the use of advanced dental technology affect me?

The advanced dental technology our office uses allows our dentists to:

  • Put X-ray images on a computer screen, where they can be enlarged and enhanced
  • Compare X-ray images to find even small changes in your oral health
  • Take 3D X-ray images for better treatment efficiency
  • Treat gum disease more resourcefully and comfortably
  • Use laser treatment in gum disease treatments

Advanced X-ray technology and practices allow our dentists to find problems in your smile that would have been missed with the naked eye. Even tiny changes in your X-rays can be spotted. Laser treatments allow us to treat gum disease better than ever before.

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