What is a snore guard?

couple-holding-hands-and-sleeping-bedA snore guard is a small device placed in the mouth and used during sleep. The snore guard prevents your jaw and tongue from dropping back into your throat. This keeps the airway open and greatly reduces snoring. A snore guard is specially fitted by Drs. Howard and Howard, so you can make certain it will be both comfortable and effective. The snore guard has an inner lining that softens when heated during the fitting process. When ready, the sleep guard fits comfortably over your top teeth.

Do I need a snore guard?

You snore when the airflow from your mouth or nose makes the tissues in your throat vibrate. When you sleep, the muscles in your soft palate, tongue, and throat relax. They can narrow or block your airway if they relax too much. When you breathe, your soft palate and uvula vibrate, hitting the back of your throat. This causes the sound of snoring. The narrower the airway, the more the tissue vibrates, the louder the snoring. If you snore loudly, you or your partner may find difficulty in getting a good night’s sleep.

Do something about your snoring today so you and your partner can get the good night’s sleep that you need. We invite you to call The Dental Office of Encino with any questions about treatment for snoring in Encino, California, or to schedule a visit with our dentists.